Yeondoo Jung Dodges Ashtray Thrown At Head, Becomes Completely Amazing Artist

Korean artist Yeondoo Jung's parents were not exactly supportive about his decision to go to art school. His father in particular was a bit miffed about the whole thing and made his feelings clear by chucking a crystal ashtray at Yeondoo when he heard about his son's ambitions. Wait, didn't every art kid's dad do that?

Thankfully, art school and his cat-like reflexes payed off for Yeondoo. He had his first art show in Seoul in 1999 and has been continuing to create and exhibit his work all over the world ever since. Lucky for [b]racket, Yeondoo was gracious enough act as guest curator for our June 2013 issue.

Yeondoo's work focuses on our perceptions of what is real and what is fantasy. He blurs the line between both concepts with his photographs, films and installations which feel rooted in reality even after being very purposefully staged in a fantastical way.


Want to see what I mean? Click here to watch the video of Yeondoo Jung's recent interview with The Creator's Project (love child of Intel and Vice) where he shows us exactly how his ideas come to life.

- Lisa Highfill